The Upfront Megatainment staff will provide the participants with invaluable knowledge and insight of how to be an exceptional sought after video director. We will prepare director reels to solicit to artist and record labels for projects to be considered for.

  • Program Highlights:

  • Creative concepts

  • Camera technologies, and getting the most out of your equipment

  • Cinematography workshops

  • How to solicit your reel to video commissioners and Artist to secure work

  • How to add production value to your projects and make them look bigger than life

  • How to become a sought after Video Director

  • Music video project assignments and evaluations

The Music Video program is valued at $7,500 per artist. The actual program fee per artist has never exceeded $2,500 thanks to the generous financial contributions of our partners, sponsors and patrons.

All applicants are eligible for financial awards of up to $5,000 to help offset program costs.

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